Make More Money, Work Less

The AutomateYourDJEP program is the biggest cheat code for ANY Event Professional, NOT JUST DJs. Immediately take your business to a level you never thought was possible.

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Now available for DJEP and SMPL.

What Is Included With Automate Your DJ Event Planner?

Follow Up System

Maximize your income with an updated automated follow-up system. Includes email and SMS templates. Never have to remember to reach out to a potential client.

Booking Helpers

Accomplish multiple tasks with a single button, AYDJEP includes Booking Helpers and clear instructions on how to use them.


Never Fill out a contract again, your contracts will automatically populate with the event’s details and only require 1 button click when you are ready to send to a client.

Payment Collection

Never have to chase down YOUR money again. AYDJEP includes balance reminders, payment collection, payment recording, invoicing, and receipts for your clients, all 100% automatic.

Planning Information

No more back and forth emails and phone calls trying to plan the event with your client, AYDJEP includes detailed planning information and collects it 100% automatically.

Collect Reviews

Automatic review collection is a single button click.

Vendor Networking

GENERATE MORE BUSINESS 100% AUTOMATICALLY, never make a list of vendors to reach out to again, aydjep will touch base with the vendors you work with regularly.

Hand-Written Postcards

Mailed to your clients doorstep. Yup. Still 100% Automatic…

Is a Venue Giving You Gigs?

Easily separate sending the contract and payment collection to the venue (or paying client), while sending planning forms, upsells, and review requests to the couple (or whoever is hosting the event) in the same file with AYDJEP. And like everything else, is 100% automatic. **Not included in LITE Program**


Keep your employees updated on their gigs and planning information, 100% automatically. **Not included in LITE Program**

Make More Money,
Work Less.


Easy To Use

Videos walk you through everything you need to know, step-by-step, down to the click. Setting up your DJ Event Planner account has never been easier.

Jason Jani – SCE Event Group

Jason is saving well over 50 thousand dollars EVERY year with this program. Not to mention all the time saved.

Joe Bunn – Bunn DJ Company

Within a week, Joe had the automateyourdjep system up with every single branch of the Bunn DJ Company, nation wide.

Brian Buonassissi – B-Boy Productions

Even international, traveling DJs like Brian benefit drastically from a program like AYDJEP.

AYDJEP “Full Program” Deep Dive

This is a 28 minute long video, but you will understand 100% when it is over. (Chrome sucks, use safari if the video isn’t working)

Featured Reviews

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say.

“I would be happy to endorse Erik and DJEP all day every day.”

Jason Jani

SCE Event Group

“‘Super-Charged’ my DJEP is an understatement.”

Joe Bunn

Bunn DJ Company

“I wish I could keep this a secret from my competitors. “

Jason Cathcart

Dance Shout Productions

Automation Packages

You can jump in right now, and start setting up your systems in minutes!

Full Program

I'll Do 99% and help with 1%.
  • Starting from a blank account, I will set up an entire “Full Program” Account for you. (not custom)
  • After I finish, we will hop on a chat and connect your 3rd party accounts (Email, SMS, ETC.) together. (Takes roughly 2 hours)
  • I will then teach you how to use it and hand the account over.

Custom Account

I'll Do Everything.
  • This applies to you if your account already exists with information saved in it.

  • I will figure out how your business works.

  • I will implement the best way to automate it into the account.

  • I’ll teach you (and team if needed) how to use it.

We work with some of the biggest event companies in the world

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